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  Before you work with any company, you may have questions about how they go about their business.  At Marketing & Promotions Network, we are all about developing mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.  Our success is predicated upon thoroughly understanding their business goals and finding ways to help them meet those expectations. 
  Here are some questions frequently asked and our answers:  
  Q. How is Marketing & Promotions Network different from other such firms?  
  A. First, we’re locally owned and managed, but we bring over 35 years of national experience to aid our clients.  Second, we’re fast and understand budgets and deadlines.  Third, we’re only satisfied when you are.  
  Q. How do you begin work with your clients?  
  A. We start with a free consultation to discuss their needs, expectations, timing, and budgets.  We prepare a proposal for approval, outlining plans and costs to meet their needs.   
  Q. What about follow up?  
  A. We produce weekly status reports, keeping our clients informed of work completed or in process, including budgets, so there are never any surprises.  
  Q. As a client, what is the most important thing I can do to enhance the possibilities of success?  
  A. Success is built upon three things: client participation, reasonable expectations, and timeliness. Any marketing campaign we produce, any article we write must be designed to meet your specific objectives, with your input.  That means your active involvement in the process. While we cannot guarantee results, we can provide you with the best possible means of achieving the results you desire, considering budgets and other factors, which we discuss with you in advance.  One press release will not turn around or sustain your sales.  Frequent, consistent, timely, useful information, over time, will positively impact your business.  Finally, clear direction and rapid approvals from our clients enhance their prospects of success.  
  Q. How does Marketing & Promotions Network price its services?  
  A. For small, one-time assignments, pricing is based on a flat fee; figured, generally, at $150 per hour for writing and creative and $75 for research, planning/review meetings, and related activities. For longer term projects or ongoing campaigns, we suggest working on a retainer so that costs can be anticipated better over time.  
  Q. What if I need services that Marketing & Promotions Network doesn’t have in-house?  
  A. We negotiate rates on your behalf and present you with budgets for approved programs.  We manage the outside supplier relationship and bill you as part of our regular invoicing process.  Out-of-pocket expenses, such as printing, copying, delivery or distribution services, etc., are billed at our cost, without any markup.  
  Q. How does public relations differ from advertising?  
  A. While public relations is an effective marketing tool, it cannot replace advertising.  It should be used to support advertising and other marketing efforts to extend your exposure to the audiences you wish to reach with your messages.  On the other hand, public relations is a cost-effective means of raising your visibility.  A single newspaper ad about a new product you offer may cost $1,000; however, a press release about your product may be written and distributed to 50 media outlets for $250 and reach a much larger overall audience.  It reinforces your ad, but it also multiplies the impact of your announcement.  
  Q. What is social media marketing and how can it help my business?  
  A. Social media marketing is a very personalized, long-term form of Internet marketing to people who have an interest in what you do and say.  By positioning yourself as an expert in your field, including your personal hobbies and interests, your job is to provide information of value and relevance to the online “communities” you join or create.  Your goal is to become a trusted resource to members of this audience that will lead to solid business relationships.  This is not a direct selling platform and it will not replace your other marketing efforts.  It’s a relationship-based referral network.  Marketing & Promotions Network helps you develop and manage these relationships in a “turn-key” fashion without a great deal of cost to you in terms of your time or your money.   
  Q. Does Marketing & Promotions Network guarantee results?  
  A. We promise the best possible efforts to generate positive results; however, there are far too many variables to guarantee results.  We cannot control what the media will cover or when they will cover a given story.  Everything from severe weather to economic catastrophes can interfere with your messages.  The keys are to ensure your “news” is truly newsworthy, that it is timely, and that your story is well written and sent to the appropriate writers and editors.  
  Q. What kind of returns can I expect from sending out press releases on a regular basis?  
  A. While the intent is to generate media coverage with every press release you send out, the fact is that not every one will always be picked up by the press.  Like advertising, to be effective, you must maintain consistent visibility and send out viable information consistently.  Over time, as your credibility grows and you become a more valuable media resource due to your expertise in your business, more press coverage will follow.  Like other aspects of your business, working with media is based on building relationships.   
  Q. How are promotions different from public relations?  
  A. Promotions can be a part of or support public relations efforts.  Promotions often involve giveaways, sweepstakes or other mass-appeal campaigns aimed at gaining exposure for your company and/or products.  Promotions can be developed with other companies and/or with media, so that those organizations involved minimize expenses and each “partner” obtains maximized exposure.   

If you have other questions,
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