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  Marketing & Promotions Network offers basic, start-up packages and custom, “turn key” solutions for businesses wanting to effectively enter the world of social media, without having to spend an inordinate time or money managing the program.  In conjunction with our “network” of seasoned local affiliates, we will:  
  • Survey your needs
  • Design the appropriate management systems
  • Create media calendars
  • Provide all content
  • Set up and integrate the selected social media accounts
  • Establish RSS feeds to distribute content
  • Link the social media accounts to the client’s website
  • Monitor and report on activity
  • Publish daily content updates to all sites, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
  In other words, Marketing & Promotions Network offers a one-stop, social media management program that will help you seamlessly and inexpensively build a new customer base and increase sales.  
  Social media is not a short-term marketing initiative and it won’t replace other marketing efforts; however, the resulting customers could very well end up being the best, most loyal customers you will ever have.  
  Through its affiliate businesses, Marketing & Promotions Network can also:  
  • Develop websites
  • Add and update web pages
  • Arrange cost-per-click Internet advertising campaigns
  • Provide hosting for domains and e-mail accounts
  • Create online video feeds
  • Manage databases
  Social media is not about direct selling.  It’s about relationships.  People want to do business with those they know and trust.  We will help you create the dialogue and regular prospect contacts, while managing the entire communications process for one, low, monthly fee—probably, for less than you would pay for a single newspaper ad that may reach a ton of people who aren’t even interested in your products or services.